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Originally Posted by jasmine View Post
As I know only two results were send from is funy , that you are talking it is only one breeder, who has at that moment two young females (both from me) ...and she send the xrays to MKOE,because the vet in her region hasn't got right to give official certification!!!!
No, you are wrong. It is not about TWO results from MKOE. Really: at the moment all results we get come from the official laboratory. Only you make still the x-rays by private vets. Also the kennel from abroad (Romania) who make x-rays of their dogs in Hungary evaluate the dogs by MKOE - nobody else use the private veterinarians.

Look, it is really not about fighting against anyone. Or better said it can finish all the fights (in and outside Hungary). I wrote you before (long time ago) that your x-ray results are questioned. And YOU questioned the results made by other Hungarian breeder. The fight is lasting for over one year. The only result is that the Hungarian x-rays are no more taken seriously and seen as "nothing worth". You know that using MKOE as the laboratory which evaluates the x-rays will close the discussions. And it is what was also my goal.

It is not only the topic of discussions by Wolfdogs but I also know it is the same by other breeds (vizsla) - many foreign breed clubs to not take the "private" x-rays seriously and accept only the official. The reason for it is the same.

Sure - we can put in the database all Hungarian results. But it will change nothing - still people will say that "Hungarian HD-A is similar to HD-C in Germany, France or Italy". Or we decide to use only the official evaluations from MKOE and everything will be fine.

From my point of view: at the moment the Hungarian owners / breeders /future breeders suffer because some breeders still make the private results and don't want to change their way of testing dogs even if the results are questioned. Questioned since YEARS.

Don't you think that exactly you as breeder should be FOR the changes (and not against them). Because it would make the Hungarian breeding credible. And would stop other breeders from criticizing your dogs.
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