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Originally Posted by Maddie View Post
because the CsV is not an officially recognised breed yet here in the UK, you can register them as a "GSD cross" with insurance companies. also, if you are looking for a pure CsV, i would do your homework and look more towards European breeders. as *some* breeders of CsV's and their crosses in the UK will sell cross breeds as pure CsV's. in mainland europe, CsV's can be FCI registered with traceable pedigrees therefore you can be a lot more certain of your dogs heritage.

good luck in your search
Thankyou Maddie, that is a big relief about insurance, this was driving me nuts trying to find an answer to this simple question. Seems perfectly logical now you have said!! Maybe I should use a UK breeder & then I can insure as a heinz 57

I am nobody to judge as I do not know 1% of CSV breeders. I do feel that I am especially attracted to CSV because of the many careful & intelligent guardians of the breeding process in previous decades that have made possible what is today. Surely anybody that messes with a breed like this & crosses for no good reason with no better project in mind, really misses the point of CSV. The same with those that breed a CSV that did not look up to complimenting the breed. I would not buy a marble from this type of person let alone my future companion of many years regardless what country they hail from.

In the little I know, it would be unfair to judge the UK too harshly because the future is not here yet. The CSV has had a lot of problems to overcome just to be here in the UK, so fingers x'd when CSV is better established here then better breeding may happen. If it is not too late already
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