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Originally Posted by TimoleonVieta View Post
Firstly Maddie please let me correct something I may have misconstrued. The only breeders I have asked about UK insurance for CSV are UK breeders as I thought this best & most logical. So when I refer to the answer earlier I received on insurance please be aware this is not the breeder of my puppy! Just was angry because I thought people could be more helpful to others in their orbit.

My CSV will come from a highly devoted breeder outside of the UK, the breeder continues to help me every step of the way & I know very well I could not be in better hands. Please be assured on this.

I do not want to discuss the dogs name nor the breeders with anyone, but I have researched breeders better than I have researched the CSV & found the one whom I feel the safest with. I would not deal any other way

I use the forum because it helps with language barriers & for getting different opinions, like yours which I have found helpful This does not mean I have not been well informed to date.

Yes Maddie what a tricky situation that catch 22 is. But like I said, there have been difficulties here in the UK that may have put many good breeders off?

Perhaps if the future breeder that has a heart for the CSV tries hard, then where there is a good will there will be a way. Breeders here in the UK should pay attention to what potential CSV owners want. That should be commitment, understanding good communication & above all a well bred & pure CSV.

To take the breed in vain? is it for you to do that? How stupid will you feel as a breeder when you have bitten off the hand that feeds you?
I am in a similar situation to you and am considering calling my new boy a GSD/husky cross for insurance purposes only. ( If I decide to insure him ) I just don't like the dishonesty of lying to my vet....
There is a future for this breed in the UK, best of luck
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