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Default Demoniak de la Louve Blanche

Jos de Bruin, owner and breeder of Saarloos Wolfdogs living in germany brought some light in the discussion wheather Demoniak is a mix with american or europaen wolf. He wrote in american wolfdog forum:

"Pardon me! (But there was told, there is siberian wolf in who lives in the netherlands.) That never happened. They used an TWH Wolf-mix which i had and was supposed to get rehomed but i gave him to some one shortly and they let it dissapear and ended up with that breeder."

I remember that he bought in 2006 or 2007 this CSW/Wolf-Mix in Berlin for 500,--Euros. Because he had trouble with his neighbours and the courts he could not keep this dog. So it could be, what he wrote. But isnĀ“t it ironicle that a Saarloos breeder put his hands in the csw breed? Ok, he says, he is not guilty... lol.
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