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Christian you should not tell so many lies. (Because he had trouble with his neighbours and the courts he could not keep this dog. So it could be, what he wrote. But isnĀ“t it ironicle that a Saarloos breeder put his hands in the csw breed?)

I did not put my hands in or ever will, in TWH. I resque some wolves and mixes becouse some fools like him breed and make them come in wrong hands and be bred into Saarloos or TWH. In France it happence and even black wolfdogs are born. I saved one TWH mix with Carpatian Wolf, before being confiscated. It came in wrong hands after Christians friend stole the puppy and sold it to a TWH breeder or her neighbor. I had nothing to do with it i never gave it to that person. And when a breeder in France uses it for TWH i am not responsible.


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