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Yes, you better should not have mixed in Jos. Jos the wolf and wolfdog rescuer..., rescued pure wolves called high content wolfdogs like your Knut from Winddancer wolves in the USA, rescued for 5.000,--USDollar with 6 weeks, lol. And now? Now you are collecting two year old american wolfdog females for breeding your wolf Knut - like you collected before F 1 Saarloos for breeding your own Saarloos. Do you really have some rescued animals?

The wolf pups you took and raised up because you wanted to have a carpathian wolf for yourself.

Do you think all people are blond and blue eyed? Most of your animals are used for breeding and bought or only been taken for breeding. I know a lot of people who asked you if you could take their animal as rescued. But it was always the same, you took only animals you could use for breeding. That is the simple truth.

And your buddies Mr and Mrs Eichhorn are fighting against my american wolfdogs and me, but you their friend Jos is starting to anounce breeding with wolf Knut although he is not 1 year old. But I understand. 5.000,--USDollar is a lot of money and you have to get back that money - in selling american wolfdog pups.

In germany we call this Scheinheilig. Means Jos is trying to be like Jesus, but in reality, he is dealer, a wolfdog dealer!

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