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I have a very complete experience about that because my daughter was born:
- when my female czw was already 2 years old, so she had to get used to a baby
- before my male czw was born, so he was used to her from the beginning

My female is very dominant. But she's very used to the baby, licks her, is ok with crying and all noises, her presence, etc. She's calm but I NEVER let them interact without one of us monitoring, we don't trust completely because she's subtle preparing her reactions.

My male is veeeery docile but can't measure his body with a fragile baby So again, we are a bit cautious with them interacting but just because he's blunt and awkward approaching her He's completely in love with our baby, licks her a lot, wants to be near all the time.

This being said, I think it's an "ok dog with children" but far from a Labrador in this topic.
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