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I really can't understand why is this war here. I know breeding is mostly about money, but I simply can't understand that. I don't want to imagine what would be in the world if all the programmers (that's what I'm working) would make such a war... Or much more worse: doctors... That's insanity...
Sadly at this weekend I had to communicate with 5(!) vets through an accident. It was about lot's of money (more then a puppies price) but none of them scandalized the other. All of them was trying to help (seems to be fortunately with a success).
I understand that noone can like anyone but what here goes... No comment. Noone tries to be objective. Again: that's insanity.
That's a community with lot's of people. All of them HAS TO BE appreciative. There are lot's of type of people, lot's of aspect of every problem. Noone has the "one only truth". Everyone has to use your brain!
Well, sorry for my sally but it's really sad, we all like wolfdogs, hopefully... Not only that f*ckin' money. They are living creatures not only objects.

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