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Strange that you give examples vizslas...........for hungarian vizslas the hd is just offered, and they could you also use some "private" vets.
Yes, you are right...not two but 4 results are from MKOE, 3 of them about my dogs.
And at that moment 3 kennel breed csw in Hungary, and one use MKOE ,as Anikó wrote you.
For me also would be interesting which dog had "A" result in Hungary and than worth in Germany?I think you are not talking about csw.....

And in private please send me who has questins about my hd?? Those who has excelent dogs from me...or the other breeder who send fake result to your database?
To avoid these kind of critics, I send not just the certifications but also the xrays to the wolfdog database.
And I think it would be quite irreal request to make xray to my all dogs......especial to see that they have offsprings all over the world and they check in many other countries.

About kennel always attacts year by year....with new and new thing...some of this things are generated by you.
my datas not updated, hungarian results not is the show database, my litters are not advertised etc. etc. etc......
I'm realy tied of this.
You are talking about fairness....but I'm sorry to say with me you are always unfair ....
You are insinuating me that my results are not right.....though you got even the xrays from me....
No worth to talking about my results: all are sign in the pedigree, accepted by MEO,FCI.You organize a private page, this page is not an organization which could make breeding rules.
Next time my litter "F" will be deleted just because I'm not blond?

And at last but least : make bad reputatin and asperition are well know concepts even in the International Law.
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