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[quote=Woockie;351641]I really can't understand why is this war here. I know breeding is mostly about money, but I simply can't understand that.

This war is here, because some of this nice people who attact me has and will have pups for of them have more litters. If you have time just look after the periods when it happend...always when they want to sale pups and think this is the best sale methode....and as you see my future litter, which will be born in February is not in the litter ad.....or our showresults are not updated in database......not just the hungarian...but for eg. Europa Show, or Nitra....

To see the fact that I sale many pups to abroad which will be check in abroad, and as I give quarantee for my pups , I realy have no reason to use dogs with bad hd or make any effort for unreal results.
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