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Originally Posted by Mikael View Post
Tikaani, do you seriously mean that you have mated a shy 11 month old not HD tested puppy to a not HD tested female ???

As on your site it say…
"GUS is a pure czechoslovakian wolf dog. he is male and very freindly in nature, a little bit shy…" GUS = Fergus Crying Wolf Birthday: 2008.12.06

/ Mikael
No, I think Kaya has results:
It is "preliminary" because OFA requires the dog to be 24 months, Kaya was 18 - Mild Unilateral = C hip on one side

The birthdate of Takima's litter has been changed on recently(I remember, because two of her littermates - Jorja and Raider - are listed as being in the US, so I wrote down the information in my own "USA" records) - it used to say 01.12.2007, same as this Kaya.

Also, there is this thread, the film date is the same as the thread date:

I think the BVA only reads test results for registered breeds in the UK, which is why the films were examined in the US through OFA (there is no registration number - NOREG). I don't know why it says AKC; this is not an AKC number, and this dog is definitely not registered through AKC. Although, I think Wolfzone (or maybe Paul) somehow had official results from the BVA on Kaya's parents - it appears to be the UK scoring scheme in the database results.
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