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Here is the translation to my request for an explanation. I have not received anything since as d├ędommagemet puiqu'ils preferred stop all trade ...
You can see the bad times of this laboratory is responsible for all the inconsistencies in findings regarding breeding bitches Paraj Auta, who in reality most of his stock N / DM and non-N / N. ..

Dear Ms. Rodriguez-Deffobis
My name is David Sburlati and the medical director and legal representative of Vetlabor.
I am writing in Italian hoping that you can easily translate this writing, however, at the bottom of this message there is a French translation probably badly made because of my lack of knowledge of French.
I will not hide that I was very surprised when I received an email in July by Dr. Eric Berring of Laboklin Switzerland explanations about examinations of DM relative to his dog: they were not in the database, and for all I knew I had been sent to them and from them tested.
I'll give below a brief chronology of events from January to date so that the facts are more clear, after which the state my thoughts and my proposals on this matter.
Earlier this year I was called by Dr. Bonomo to withdraw the DM test including those dell'allevatrice Daniela Sardino, I was to pick them up at the clinic of Dr. Bonomo.
I delivered the samples to one of our staff at that time was in charge of the tests that we do not carry out directly, but we send by external laboratories. From that moment on, I have not heard anything of the samples and the related reports of which have occupied our collaborator, as always in these cases.
On April 30, a fire destroyed the home of the webserver where we rest for notro site for the storage of documents and for sending and receiving mail elettrnica, this has caused great inconvenience and damage because much correspondence is lost and so many important documents and reports. The burning of the webserver is news in the public domain that appeared on many news websites and Italian newspapers.
In mid-June our collaborator above to stop working for us, as far as I moved abroad for a research contract.
In July I received the email from Dr. Eric Berring fact that I requested information about the tests because they were not in the database, I did a search but due to the departure of my collaborator and dell'incnedio the webserver I did not find any trace of those tests, so I wrote to Dr. Eric Berring communicating the anomalous situation of our laboratory that I would try to resolve as soon as possible.
Thus, at present the situation is as follows: we have no materials related to those tests and our partner does not answer our questions about it.
We proceeded to take legal action against this employee for clarity and we are investigating how they can be happened.
In fact you are in possession of a report with the header of our laboratory that reports of questionable results. At present I can not prove if these reports are the result of a mistake or a falsification took place inside or outside our lab, by one of our employees or anyone else who had an interest in those tests to be negative.
But you're in good faith, and you are right.
You have bought a dog with a guarantee that was healthy and was negative for DM according to a document containing the header of our laboratory.
This will certainly hurt them economically.
Yesterday I had a long talk with my law firm about this matter and we intend to proceed in two ways: 1) continuing with the investigation and prosecute those who may have created this unpleasant situation for you but also detrimental to the image of our laboratory, 2 ) put us in the right by ensuring compensation.
Therefore inform you that we are willing to compensate the damage caused to an amount equal to the one you spent on the purchase of the dog. So you can buy one more healthy and continue with your plans for breeding and reproduction.
If you think this solution is acceptable, I ask you to give me confirmation as soon as possible and send me a copy of the invoice for the purchase of the dog. If you accept only ask you to sign a form in which you declare to have received compensation from the Vetlabor to this matter and to keep silent about this story will disrupt ongoing investigations, this form will be used in the future for me rivalermi on what will be ultimately responsible for all this annoying story.
I offer my deepest apologies for the inconvenience.

David Sburlati
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