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It seems pretty bad that half of the CsV people are trying to breed "working dogs" for IPO etc, and the other half just wants to have FCI recognized wolfdogs that would look as wolfy as possible; -some don't even mind the character or the health, if the animals just have some nice wolfy traits. Some are even ready to manipulate the pedigrees and having pure or high content wolves/wolfdogs mixed into the breed for the wolfy looks.
My personal oppinion is that it is no coinsidence that some of the individuals suddenly come out very wolfy allthough their parents over several generations are average looking & behaving CsV.

I am not against or for either of the sides, but I am just wondering where is this breed going in its near future? Where do the breeders & owners want to take it nowadays (when it is not a military experience/dog anymore)? And isn't it possible to introduce new (wolf &/or dog) blood into the breed (if nessecary) under the Kennel club's supervision & special licence?
What purpose is having pedigree databaces when it seems that there are widely known "inside secrets" among the active breeders & owners about the truth? Does someone somewhere have a secret "inside databace" too, where the hereditary illnesses & behavioural issues of the true anchestors of certain lines & individuals are kept?

I have never understood people who take a breed of dog and starts making their own coctails with falce pedigrees and/or breeding individuals with obvious faults or even illnesses, just because they would want to have the breed different from what it is. -Why they just don't change into another breed or start openly breeding a new one for the traits they are looking for?

I know this is flammable subject, -specially on this forum I'd suppose. But I felt brave enough to ask these questions, since I am bored to reading & hearing some CsV owners claiming how their animals are "just dogs among the other breeds" and far away from "hybrids".
(And I know the problematic in the term 'hybrid' when talking about two Canis Lupus sub species, but for clarification wanted to use different word from wolfdog).

Edit: P.S. Especially when the situation for the breed is allready bad (banned) in some countries, I am surpriced that the breed club & the original Kennel club don't have actions against such manipulatings of the pedigrees.
Some countries (like Finland for example) are allready having discussions about making the DNA testings compulsory for registration of the pure bred dogs. It is no wonder since falce pedigrees are the unfortunet reality. But usually it is within individuals of the same breed. -Not mixtures of different breeds or pure wolves/hc WDs...

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