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Default Do you know more about living with wolves?

Hi everybody!

I wonder if anybody knows more about living with wolves because I have the opportunity to work with a 2 years female. My husband also worked with her, but she changed her attitude after the heat period. They were best friends until the heat period, when she mated with a Czech wolfdog. Till then my husband was considered the alpha male and she was obedient. After she realized that the Czech male was her pair she tried to drive my husband away, from her territory I suppose. She's more insistent and there are days when my husband can't approach to her paddock. We used to let her play with the wolfdog, on a 2000 square meters territory; she was so social, like a dog. Now she plays only with me and my husband must stay away. I think this is a hierarchy problem and we must re-establish it, but how?

Thanks for reading my message and I hope to hear from you soon.

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