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I do not understand, why you let the she-wolf to mate with CSW. What will be with the pups? Producing wolf-hybrids will only bring troubles and make cast a shadow on the breed as such. I could understand if it is for some research, but even then it is highly risky thing and should be done only by experienced people and under a strict and reasonable plan. But then, experienced people would know how to deal with their animals, right?

I do not think the Dutchers would be of any help.
You might try to contact these people in Belgium:

Centre d’Accueil et d’Etudes des loups ASBL
La Moutarde 13
4831 Bilstain-Limbourg
Tel : 00 32 (0)87 65 29 50 (Néerlandais)
E-mail : [email protected] (Néerlandais)
Homepage :
GSM : 0479/ 60 23 59 (Français)
E-mail : [email protected] (Français)
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