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Originally Posted by Mirkawolf1
I do not understand, why you let the she-wolf to mate with CSW.
Mirka, you're absolutely right! I wonder why so few CSVs owners reacted to this post!

No wonder some people in some countries percieve CSV owners as wild ecologists who dream of further matching of CSVs with wolves to breed more and more dangerous hybrids.

I belive such "experiments" (if not carried out by a qualified scientific team in specially designed conditions with all possible problems anticipated and funds provided) as particulary noxious for the CSV breed. It might lead to:
1. the hybrid pups suffering (does the 'pseudobreeder' know what will happen to them?)
2. adult animals' and human suffering (it is clearly stated in the first post that things have already got out of hand)
3. harm done to the breed. E.g. the post may be used by DEFRA clerks to show what will happen if CSVs are allowed in the UK or Norway!

I belive CSV owners should jointly condemn such practices and irresponsible behaviour! It might eventually result in the breed devastation and further formation of stupid stereotypes about CVSs owners and breeders...
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