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Originally Posted by Rona
I wonder why so few CSVs owners reacted to this post!

No wonder some people in some countries percieve CSV owners as wild ecologists who dream of further matching of CSVs with wolves to breed more and more dangerous hybrids.
Rona, I absolutely agree with you- but...

-there will always be stupid people doing stupid things
-it happend so it is kind of useless to discuss it at this point
-it is more important to help these animals and their "breeder"
-they asked for help and if you can provide help you should not hesitate

Originally Posted by Rona

I belive CSV owners should jointly condemn such practices and irresponsible behaviour! It might eventually result in the breed devastation and further formation of stupid stereotypes about CVSs owners and breeders...
Most CSV owners sure do so (I hope ), but does it change anything? All WE can do, is to inform people open and honest about our breed. But we are not responsible for every other wolf or any other human being - We can say listen, I do not like what you are doing, but thats about it.

Do you have any idea how to help Beatrice? I have no experience with hybrids so I cannot help her, but maybe someone here is able to help.

And this means more effort than asking why did you do this....
Fortunately some other readers gave her some contacts already.

I think all CSV owners love wolves. And all CSV owners have their own reason to have a CSV instead of a wolf. We all should support wolves and dogs and help people whenever they have a prob with their animal- if we can. Only if people have enough and correct information about the breeds they can make a right decision (for the animal).

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