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Originally Posted by Kerstin
-they asked for help and if you can provide help you should not hesitate
Unfortunately, I can't but if only I could I wouldn't hesitate to help.... Nevertheless, help is one thing, and the attitude to the whole matter - another!

Lots of wolf lovers visit this site and this is not the first time someone has had the idea of matching CSVs with wolves. I think it should be clear what people who care about the breed think of such projects and their effects, despite the help they provide.

Mixing CSV with wolves contributes to the formation of unfair stereotypes about CSV breeders and causes that work and efforts of such people as Paul or Per Olav might be carried out in vain.

What's surprising is the fact that the "breeder" does not even seem to realise that she did something... unwise (to put it mildly)!
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