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Dear Beatrice, somehow your husband makes mistakes and the wolf doesn"t thrust him. That's why she does not want him arount when mating. Posible that she learn't that by thretning him she hat succes. Obvious the wolf senses that your husband isn't self assured. But i wunder if it was a good idear to use the wolf so young or to use her anyway. It wil bring hybrides that wil not be able to held as a dog. The chance is there that some pups later on wil be killed. Did you ask your self if this was a good plan at all? I hope next time you don't breed with the wolf. I now howe it ends mostly. I live with wolfdogs and with some wolfs. I run an wolf resque and are often asked for help. Mostly to late. Believe me, not many of the hybrides will live a long live. Not many people are able to give them what they need. So please don't do this again.
Jos de Bruin
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