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Sorry Beatrice you feld beïng put to the wall. But it sounded as if some one just breeded hybrides and fouled around with the chech. wolfdog breed. And my experiënce with how this mostly ends, the hybrides i mean. Did not put me in an good mood. I had to kil a 3/4wolf with my own hand while some stupid ash... put this animal in an no chanch situation. This is the raesen why i feel it as my duty to stand up for them. And if you want ta start a shelter for wolves you will find out that people do not like wolves. Here you find wolf friends, but out there most people hate them and think they eat granny's and children. But i allready like you for taking care of you wolf. I hope she is gonna thrust you husband. When she did in the beginning there most have happened some thing, try to find out what. May be she had a bad experience with man. Do you now how she lost here eye? And with one year age they are still behaving like a pup. So may be she is older as you think. Strange they didn't give any information. But good luck with your wolf. Buy
Jos de Bruin
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