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Default Vlcak Friendly Dog Shows

Last week Apogee z Molu es went to her first show. It was just a small local show in Cambridgshire in aid of cerebal palsy.

It is wonderful seeing Apogee's siblings, Atinka Sun & beautiful Aglaya doing so well in European shows Apogee could not even win the local charity show. She came reserve champion to a very dapper Schnauzer. All the same whilst I saw the Shnauzer go for a child later on & Apogee spent the whole day off lead, licking children, dodging wheel chairs & posing for photographs, I had a feeling that Apogee should have probably won! She did win best large breed & prettiest bitch of course though

Never mind these shows do more than win rosettes, it is an opportunity for vlcaks & the public to have a positive experience with each other. There are many stories in the UK about vlcaks. I see them being rehomed, badly sold without proper guidance, a friend tells me a breeder in Lincs suggested Alpha rolling her dominant male. I hear all kinds of shit that makes me quite sad.

These are such beautiful dogs of huge potential in so many ways, it would be nice to hear a lot more positive stories in the UK from UK vlcak owners to counter balance the other stuff.

For anyone interested I will post pictures of Apogee's show winning (almost) feats in due course. And if anyone knows of any larger shows we can attend then I would be grateful. Yes I know they are not recognised in the UK yet, but it is not the point. They are here, hopefully forever.
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