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Default show result formatting

Just a minor point but as it is, the show format in which Vlcaks are eligible to compete in in the US does not follow the FCI-scheme classes.

Since changes are still being made to the database I thought that I would just put it here in case anyone has time to change this for WD.

In the UKC there are the following regular licensed classes:

a) Puppy Male or Puppy Female, 6mths to 1 year old. Because the UKC doesn't have a "Junior CH" title, the puppy class is a full licensed class which competes with adults and can be titled.

b) Junior Male or Junior Female, 1 year old to 2 years old.

c) Intermediate Male or Intermediate Female, 2 years old to 3 years old.

d) Adult Male or Adult Female, 3 years and up.

e) Breeder/Handler Male or Breeder/Handler Female, 6 months and older, handled by the breeder on record or direct family.

The above classes are all dogs which have not achieved their Championship or Grand Championship.

After that there is Champion class (dogs 6 months and up having completed their championship) and Grand Champion class.

There are also a few non-licensed (no points earned towards a title) miscellaneous classes:

Novice Puppy Class: Males and females between 3 months to 6 months (all breed)

Senior Class: (breed specific) Males and females 7 years or older.

The UKC also does not provide "comments" like "excellent" "very promising" etc.

These aren't all the classes there are (there are also some other misc. ones like Brace) but just the ones most likely to be useful.


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