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Originally Posted by Rona View Post
Haven't you noticed this yet?

This is a private site and the owner(s), whoever they are, may do what they want - update it, or not, keep it dying or revitalize it, answer e-mails or not, close it, or keep the present status quo, etc. etc.

How do you guys dare dictate anybody what they should do in their free time! What right do you have to expect somebody do things for you and your dogs for free, especially if you earlier publicly insulted them!

Instead of grumbling and swearing, those unsatisfied should work on a better version of WD. Why don't you, instead of going to work, devote your time to answer hundreds of e-mails, update the base reguarly, (preferably every day) and make sure all the data is correct and the photos sent haven't been stolen from anybody's private sites. And be prepared to be called names regularly

well there are no emails answered, so there is no working. yes true, the same i could do also.
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