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Default Amazing Ethology & the CsV

So my 2nd CsV bitch, Aja, has been a part of our "pack" for about 2 months now. As I am an experienced Ethologist, her intelligence & behavior has surprised & enchanted me. At 5 months old she had self recognition in a mirror. She is able to watch our manipulation & repeat it with her mouth - she is able to open any door in our RV trailer regardless of latch & whether the door opens in or out. Most HUMANS have issue with RV doors! Our 6 year old West German Workingline GSD bitch Pippa is an excellent parent to Aja - teaching her appropriate behavior (Pip is a better "parent" than us humans). Aja's behaviors often make us laugh - she usually tries to "cache" (hide) high-value treats - nothing more disgusting than finding slimy bones stuck in odd places in furniture - she also needs something to "grip" when she is loose in the house, so we offer an item ok for her to chomp as she often chooses something not good for her to carry around like my hair!
I raise my dogs schutzhund-style so pups under 12 months old are not punished - they are allowed to mature before any "pressure" is introduced. It gets tiresome with bratty pups, but worth the confidence instilled.
It does feel like a lot of ignoring bratty behavior though - especially as she is such a big girl & she bounces around like a mad grasshopper.
So I use treats when I can to focus & encourage good behavior & give her a lot of outside time to just chill & interact with Pippa. It helps teaching her calm & quiet is rewarded. So hopefully all will go smoothly raising her & I am excited to see how she matures & learns how to manipulate her world.
~Sara Donadei
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