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Default Wikipedia

Currently there are issues concerning the Wikipedia CsV page. For a long time www.wolfdog.org has been a valuable external link on this page. More recently, www.czechoslovakianvlcak.org was added to link to the American breed club site. Then www.vlcak.co.uk was added as an informative site on the breed and it's status in the UK. All was well.

Unfortunately, the link to www.vlcak.co.uk has been persistently removed and replaced by a link to the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Club of GB's page - the first time this happened, they described themselves as the 'official club' (something only the KC can decide, and only once the breed is registered in the UK). On seeing this, we removed the 'official' from their description (leaving the link there) and readded the link to www.vlcak.co.uk. Several weeks have passed where this has had to be repeated almost daily (and sometimes more than once in a day )

Recently (in the last couple of days), someone's ego has got the better of them and the links to www.czechoslovakianvlcak.org and www.wolfdog.org were also removed This left only the link to a group of people who mounted a FB rescue mission for a dog in the UK advertised as a 7 month old CsV (which, from the pictures posted clearly wasn't), that turned out to be a Northern Inuit or NI cross .

I hereby publicly ask that the Wikipedia page be left alone allowing all interested parties to post an external link if they so desire. It is a public site and visitors should be allowed to make up their own minds about things - the only way this can happen is if they are given access to all pertinent sites (although they may get a sense of deja-vu reading some of them...)

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This is called "Edit Warring". Has the user been reported? There is a page dedicated to it. Lol...please don't turn our breed page into a dog and pony show for all English users, whoever is making these frivolous changes. If you have new or improved, truthful information - discuss or add it. Probably best to leave educational links to nationally recognized NGOs alone though.
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Whoever has the screen name "Csvgb" has been making the disputed edits as noted by the revision history of Wikipedia. ....
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This is our response from Czechoslovakian Wolfdog {Vlcak} Breed Club of Great Britain
Shadowlands / Sadie Lands
We find your actions disturbingly childish, on this occasion we have provided a link to Wikipedia showing clearly that you (ip address have systematically removed our link, other groups and your own in an attempt to discredit our club.
The link above clearly shows your actions in removing links, information and sources from the page. We find this completely pathetic . It just adds to the ever increasing list of inappropriate behaviour both yours and your associated vlcak.co.uk companions attempting to discredit our club.
This shows clearly the cat and mouse game you have been playing with Wikipedia and your attempt last night again to change our link to reflect your own and now Wikipedia is onto you and changed it back within hours. Big brother is always watching you and the evidence is clear shadowlands you and your associates or maybe you alone have caused this and you are making the changes . We simply click to undo your changes and this placed our links back.
We have grave concerns about both you and your fellow conspirator’s and your intentions of the breed moving forward in the UK, given the persistent attempts to discredit any other organisation you are simply ensuring that anyone who has or intends to have one of these dogs will never trust anyone.
All of our posts on this forum have to go through the Admin/Moderator of wolfdog.org and as such our right to reply is restricted and may be altered/or simply not posted.
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Do you imply that people from the uk vlcak team have been removing the link to their own site? Why would they have done so? Do you think we're all fools?

Guys, your posts read as if you've studied too many of Orwell's books

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