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Default Is my puppy sick?

Hello! May I ask some help?I have six months olde CSW female puppy. When she was 11-12 weeks olde, she had vagina inflammation. It wasn`t a big problem then - symptoms were slime and puppy licked self. I gave her 5 days medicines (Synulox 250mg) and all was OK. But soon inflammation came back and so it is up to the present. My veterinary say, that this inflammation is normal and finished by oneself before the first heat. Do somebody have been problem like this?

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hello, i have a 4 1/2 month old female and she has something common to female dogs called puppy vaginitis. the vet said its something that is pretty common and 99% of the time will go away when she comes into heat for the first time. your little girl may have developed it after her vaginal inflammation. it doesnt sound like my pup has it quite as bad as yours, she has some very minor discharge, which shows on her hind legs sometimes, and which also causes little pimples on her stomache area. the vet advised to just keep the area clean with baby wipes for hygene purposes. it is something you may want to research, but if that is what she has, then it should be ok.
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