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... and i know that mixes can see with own eyes, like in Fila Brasileiro there had been used great dane and mastiff,
and those mixes don't look like as origin Fila. But still, i am interested about proofs,
cause nowdays is DNA test so easy to made. (and thats why we have dna tested dogs in Finland
cause is one who make mixes and we dont want that ANYBODY thinks that we have something to do with that)

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Also all dog we are breeding with are DNA tested because of the lot of stories which are running around,

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Originally Posted by Wolfsirius
So that i am looking for, any cases with REAL proofs?
(so that puppies ARE REGISTERED)

Actually Suski,

In France it has been happening unfortunately that people have been breeding crosses between Saarloos and CSV - and they have actually been openly advertising the puppies as a cross. At least some breeders make no secret of what they are doing.

Those puppies are at this time too young to actually pass the formal exam to enter the French CSV studbook - but it is a distinct possibility that they will enter the studbook in the future.

So - no DNA tests, but given that the breeders themselves publicized the facts (through ads in magazines etc to sell the pups) we can believe that this does in fact happen.
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