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Breed standard & bonitations How typical CzW should look like, measurements and commentaries to the breed standard, information about bonitations and youth presentations....

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Originally Posted by woland77 View Post
I know many dogs than working in IPO and are good family dogs, off course they are most dificult than a Corgi, but they live in family with childreen, others dogs, others animal, no problem with people. From other breeds, and Czw too. I think than a breed, is a working breed, the caracter can't be change because many people want dog like a wolf, but don't want hard dog to keep. I think it is the duty of the breeder follow the standard and not follow the market demand.
For me CzW must be like standard debscrition.

I decided to have CzW also because of their character. If I would have Saarloos I would but Saarlooos. If I would like to have German Shepherd I would but grey "old style" GSD. If I would like to have sofa dog I would buy Vallhund....

I agree that times has changed - almost nobody makes IPO. But it doesnt mean we have to change the character of your dogs.

Sorry, but as a breeder I will not change character of this breed only because it will be easier to sell the puppies and it will be a chance to make better bussines. Yes - I agree - lazy, unactive dogs will be easier to handle, more people will be able to deal with them, there will be more buyers. But dogs are not "thing " which should be adjust to the market rules and expectations of the buyers.
NO - the character is something what must be stable. Because many for us love this dogs exactly because CzW are as they are...

Sorry, but if the first CzW which I get would be shy like Saarloos and lazy as Neapolitan Mastiff it would be my first and LAST Wolfdog which I get...

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