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Breed standard & bonitations How typical CzW should look like, measurements and commentaries to the breed standard, information about bonitations and youth presentations....

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Originally Posted by michaelundinaeichhorn View Post
I knew we had the same opinion, I totally agree. And that is exactly why I don´t like the Czech bonitation and prefer the Slovakian one. I have seen fear aggressive dogs getting an Of because they attacked in a trained situation they could not escape.
I also agree, i also have seen self-defense reaction judge like a Of dog. The problem is the judgment, exprecion of body reveals this, also if the dog is trained for long time.
For me all bonitation, Czech, Slowak, Italian are empty for real select work dog as standard ask. But is better to make bonitation than mating without nothing!

x Margo: I don't agree to think a CZW like a wolf. Is not a wolf, is more smart than a dog, but his behavior is not wolf's behavior, and for me is an error to think this.

We can't think a work dog than make is work based on his instinct or natural reaction. (like your Swarzenegger example) Work dog must believe on his owner and cooperate with him, also when he take some risk.
Not only defense work (is not really work for czw, but a real intrument to see some features of caracter), also, and more much on research and other utility work. Wolf seek a animal, don't seek people on catastrophe, on wood, on mountain. For make this he take risk. His natural instinct and reaction, make him nose urine, track of animal, rummaging in the garbage. This is true for all dogs, not only for Czw because he have wolf ancestor.
Czw have more than a dog, "feel of pack". When you right train a Czw on cooperation mode, his dedication to the purpose of the pack (his work) is maximum, is extraordinary (i talk about research work). Wolf take also some risk for his pack.

Work dog than take a risk to cooperate with owner (his pack), for me is not a dumb dog.

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Originally Posted by z Peronówki View Post
You can change the dog, you can change his "publicity" - but what you can not change is the genetic.

This sentense sounds realy good...but please try to explain us the meaning!
And I'm just wondering how could we measured just the simply genetical behaviour.........

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Originally Posted by z Peronówki View Post
they also lost their abilities to work as they were working before...
Just 3 different dogs who joined the World championship IPO 2010 for GSD.

And here 1 from a dogshow.

There is a different in GSD's and GSD's, there is a showline and there is a workingline all GSD, but huge different .
But there are still GSD's that love to work and can work .

Groette Martine.
Just treat stupid situations like a dog.....If you can't play with it or eat it.......
Then just piss on it and walk away .

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