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CzW in need CzW looking for new homes: dogs with pedigrees but also Wolfdog-alike dogs from animal shelters....

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van 't Aelse Sluske
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Default rehoming Chanou

Hello people.
I'm looking for a new owner for a CsW-bitch from my C-litter,
Below the info from the current owner:
Various health ensure of meis the reason that we really Chanou must (re) post, and in the short term. I will first tell you just briefly about what Chanou.
It is a very affectionate girl who really hangs on me. It is a sweet girl that you should understand to be a top dog to have. To
If it clicks, and you take the time and effort you can almost talk to her, at least you know what she means and wants.
She loves "adventurous" walks with mouse trap and a fresh round of swimming are very welcome. Especially with this weather, it is almost a must to take a swim.
I have therefore always 10mtr tracer line along to let her go that cannot because they do not come for the time being and the risk of them going after ducks etc..
She can sometimes react bitchy to other dogs, is generally over and she grants a glance. I now teach her cats to leave alone because they run so much and want them back after.
In humans, there is no aggression except if you stand still and someone gets too close then she warns in no uncertain way, she is very protective of me wrong.
Chanou has fine eyes, ears and nose, and nothing escapes her and you do not see what harm she has already watched and she warns you before.
Children she does not, she distrusts it and she wants it back when they go running and screaming, so better not to children.
Driving find them amazing and perky can observe everything back.
Remain alone is not a problem, she has her loft bench here and she is in love. Its protected area and you can come visit without any problems.
A garden is fun to make holes in very handy if you are planning to plant trees otherwise it's not fun.
Chanou is playful and likes to jump up to you, playing with a ball and drag sticks. But curiosity won all of her, she needs to know everything, and while walking her sniffing lustily.
In the house I'd waited, especially if you leave them to demolish to get you. Chase The crate is too big for the living room 4m2 with night house. But they also love it quietly to withdraw and not to be disturbed.
All in all a pretty easy dog, that much can and wants to run. Accustomed to be alone, but everything eats a raw chicken is a treat and you get a grateful look. Large bones she loves you and will be busy for days.
Are you an authoritarian boss but consistent with adequate time and adventurous to go with her out of it you have the companion of your life.
Chanou is amazing strong no grams of fat for her posture, and a show ready body. Not exactly a dog for a little lady, who pull them as against the plain. Besides the bike does not work because when she sees a cat, or something else to hunt, they want back and you do not love her. I let her largely with the scooter and that is fantastic, slack line at any speed, and she knows exactly what to do with bends and turns.
Name: Chanou 't Aelse Sluske
Breed: Czechoslovakian wolfdog
pedigree: yes / no; yes
breeder: van't Aelse Sluske (Stefanie Rochat)
Gender: female
birth / year of birth: 10-05-2010
spayed / neutered yes / no; ; no
chip / tattoo: Yes
vaccinations this year in order: No.
possibly medically important additional information: None
behaviour in general: Good
Social: Moderately
can be alone : Yes
housebroken: Yes
bench simply: Yes
can in the car: Yes
can with small children: Rather not
can with greater; Yes, if properly instructed
can with men; Yes
can with women: Yes
can be with other dogs: Not every race and kind, no bitches
with other cats: No
can with other animals, if any: Private race
baking: No
watch: Yes, and very protective of the boss / family
demolition behaviour: Sometimes, when many or long walk is not so boredom
dog school followed: yes
If so, which: Kynologenclub Nijmegen and Abt.
if so, what department: Basic obedience
if so, what grade: Continuing basic obedience
known commands:
sit: Yes
down / lie: Yes
stand: Yes
Follow: Yes
close: Not used
Stay: Yes
feet: Yes
food refusal: No
walk without a leash: No connection with hunting instinct
apport: No
possibly fear: No
any problem behaviours: Hunting Drift, other females and some other dogs
reason of distance / reinstatement: three dogs is too heavy for me .

Note: The owner of this dog is now in a mobility scooter, making his movements are restricted
This is a difficult time vacation ect. to mid Aug. We can even take care of her.
For more information please contact the current owner via Facebook:
Or email: [email protected]
More info about this girl and her pedigree : http://www.wolfdog.org/dbase/d/13344
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__ groetjes van Stefanie
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van 't Aelse Sluske
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Chanou has found a home !!

__ groetjes van Stefanie
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