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Originally Posted by Obbie View Post
But you should never be embarrassed about your dogs, they wouldn’t be embarrassed of you

Originally Posted by Obbie View Post
(I think mine was once though when she refused an agility jump, so I jumped it and said look it’s not that hard)
Like it!
Obbie, IMO vlcak is definitely the right breed for you!

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Originally Posted by Obbie View Post
Hi Wolfheart,
I'm a new member also and understand what you’re saying.
However, if you look back through threads on this forum, or put the breed into a GOOGLE search you will see why people on here act this way.
I find the comments are less offensive/aggressive and more suspicious and protective.
Looking at past threads and links I can see why breeders on here will look at new owners (particularly from the UK) with suspicion, and I see it as justified.
But you should never be embarrassed about your dogs, they wouldn’t be embarrassed of you
(I think mine was once though when she refused an agility jump, so I jumped it and said look it’s not that hard)
Thank you very much We are really trying get this breed to UK, and do it in a way it is intended to. What I want to say: responsible, honest, ethical breeding and owning. In full cooperation with European quality breeders, and people of this forum. But our efforts are not unnoticed by those who previously abused this breed, and have placed it in position it is in now. Most of them doesn't like what this club is trying to achieve. Some of them are trying to stop us this or other way, some are threatening us, some are discrediting this club, others are trying others tactics. If you call our efforts to defend from it, or defend a breed from people who can cause further damage, a "breed politics" that's fine .... But please, you have to understand, not every one who comes to this forum is a person who he is saying he is. And not everyone posting here is honest person. So, please, don't get offended if your welcoming is not as warm as you imagined it. It is difficult for us too, and we are sorry.... But we need your help, we need honest people who want to help us build this club and finally, establish CSV in UK for good. This club, right now, is just forming, and there is a lot of work to do. We can not carry on without honest people who really care about welfare of vlcaks, even if they don't own one yet.
Excuse me my english.

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Originally Posted by wolfheart View Post
Hello forum
As a new member I thought I would give it a whirl and say hello. I had been a guest seen your reactions to members and did I did think twice. Its a shame that you go directly on a offensive, although I don’t know the history of why you treat new members with this manner.
I wasn’t sure if it was correct to disclose your dogs names as I am new to the forum .
What ever happened to friendly warm welcome ?
I have research this breed, visited many owners in Europe and adored this dog since I was a boy.
I am not a ‘breeder’ but a devoted and thrilled owner who is determined to do the best for the breed with either of the ‘provisional clubs’.
It wouldn’t benefit the breed if I had bought 2 dogs and had them spayed and as a caring owner my first plan would be to learn, show and become involved with clubs to promote the breed and my dogs. I attend training classes, I plan to spend time in Europe with my dogs visiting events/shows and learning from other owners how to get the best out of my dogs.
‘breeding’ dogs is not my priority especially if they are not recognised in the UK Breeding two FCI dogs will not produce FCI puppies therefore I would only be adding to the problem we have here in the UK It would not help the breed.
I have joined the other club and as an open minded owner I felt it would be a great idea to check out both before making a plan. Although your warm supportive welcome is perhaps lacking here. In my honest opinion.
Its worth remembering other new owners are being directed here from your website and I would advise you collectively get your ‘house in order’ as not to put off genuine interested new owners and prospective ones. Your actions here are most important and a reflection of your club. If you want high regard then you really should show more care to your manner towards new members.
I wont enter into a online debate I don’t have the time and hardly online.
I am clear on my goals for my dogs and the hard work devotion I have to now face with great enthusiasum to train develop and work to promote the breed.
Enjoy your day mine is full of socialising, walking and enjoying my puppy!
First of all let me say i wish you well with your 2 wonderful dogs, I hope you give them all they deserve, but I must pull you up on a couple of points, firstly i never asked you on this forum i asked you on the forum that you helped set up about the breeders of your dogs, so it was nothing to do with this forum secondly you state that your not a breeder but having your dogs spayed would not be beneficial to the breed, if you have no intention of breeding them what is the problem with having them spayed and what benefit are they to the breed if they are only your pets, thirdly you state you were getting a second dog as a companion but you have other dogs, its not wrong to get another dog but the reasons should be clear and finally you say you have no intention of getting involved in the politics of the breed in my opinion is a cop out, as we must all get involved in the politics of the breed to make sure they are looked after in this country and no longer abused for fiscal reasons. Can I also add there is nothing wrong with breeding dogs and selling them nearly everybody who breeds dogs sells them its if the selling is the main reason for breeding that it is morally wrong just my opinion
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Also are you not an admin on one of the 2 provisional clubs
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Originally Posted by Rona View Post
I understand you perfectly because that was my only concern too.

However in the specific situation of the breed in the UK any imported pup could apart from being "happy healthy example of the breed" also contribute to the breed registration. Why not use such a great opportunity.

Besides, vlcaks vary a lot one from another. It matters what looks and especially characters the parents of a particular litter have Some owners prefer active pups with strong personalities for sport and work, others might prefer pups of less independent parents. For one person big coat and small ears are important, for another - light body and good movement. Etc. etc. Some research into the breed before getting a dog is really advisable.
Hello Rona,

I agree with you, I live in France and have two FCC and FCi registered dogs. An enormous sociable grey wide built male sociable with a dog like manner and good worker and on the other side a slighter finer browner coloured female with good mouvement but less inclined to be a good worker and a bit more timide.
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