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Living with a CzW.... Stories as forewarnings for future owners.... everything about the character of Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs

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Default Daily walks tracking

I had an idea that maybe some might find interesting and useful, especially new inexperienced owners...
I've been tracking some of my typical walks with a mobile app to form a representation of how much walking a CSV usually needs. I'll post some links to my "Sports Tracker" profile. I think an inexperienced owner does not have a clear picture of what a walk with an active large dog might look like. Of course I'm not saying my workouts are a standard by any means! I encourage other to start tracking with Sports Tracker (it is really easy), so maybe over time we cold get a good average amount of daily/weekly walking/running exercise a CSV gets from owners. That could be a very useful information for a new owner I think?

So, these next workouts are from different dates (I don't always remember to turn on the app), but they represent 1 week average that I (or my sister) does with Vila. On all these walks she was off leash most of the time and on all she had other dogs to play with. On few walks I forgot to turn on the tracker at the start so the stats aren't complete :P It also might not look like much, but the dogs running up and down most of the time and playing... Vila is then nice and tired and calm for the rest of the day


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Very good idea. I had the same with the nike running app. I made my cad an own account.

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You can use MapMyWalk or MapMyDogWalk as well, very good apps for training and tracking everyday walks
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