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Default "Aggressive and dominant"

Ok, obviously i need to explain how i have meant this words:
Originally Posted by jasmine
I realy don't think that the agressiv, dominant dogs would be wished nowadays.
Originally posted by Silvester:
Yeah, that´s right - it´s exactly my opinion also !

I meant it only in the way of : Not TOO aggressive and not TOO dominant !

Of course i agree in generally with what Margo told here - I also would not like to have a Csw with character of a Golden retriever or as shy as a Saarloos, no question !.

I think it´s very much a question also on what someone personally makes for him/herself the definition of "aggressive " or "dominant" .

As i wrote above - I meant it only in the way of : Not TOO much aggressive!

And I think there can be no discussion about this - for we all don`t need pitbulls in the jacket and mask of Csw !

Best greetings to all

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