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erwan. yours is amazing, so much love for Zachary and now you've given. Where is your love for this dog? do not keep playing with people with so many lies.
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Enough of both.
Is very hard to understand what you both are trying to write, I really dont understand why you're trying pass this problem to english forum, even if it's international, is for nothing when people are not able to understand what's going on!
People, you dont have to write English perfectly, but at least, good enough to express yourself.

Originally Posted by Erwan grey
I've been silent long enough time until the law has done its job.
Sorry, but there is nothing signed by a judge in the documents you've posted, there is only a piece of the co-ownership contract, a paper that points you as owner of a dog called Zacharias signed by a vet and the microchip of a MIXED (because there is write "cruzado" instead of "Perro Lobo Checoslovaco"), so only here we can meet 3 possible situations, no one good for you:
1- You've took a non-breed dog and asked to a vet add the microchip.
2- You've add a new microchip in the poor Zacharias after took away the original.
3- This document is a complete fake.

So, this "document" is now saved in my computer, in case Carlos need it in the court.

Originally Posted by Erwan grey
My grief for this event has been so deep that I will not ever know anything more about this race, not bad, but bad memories that I will bring to mind thanks to this gentleman.
Stupid senseless excuse, the conclusion we all can arrive here, simply, the breed is not for everyone, and was not for you as well.

Originally Posted by Erwan Grey
I will not say nothing more about this subject, but the next legal failure is made in this forum about my people will require action by the law as I have done in another forum Spanish.
First of all, you or "your people" never sent a message to Admin according to the proper Admin, wich is responsible for the webpage building and the database.
I, as official owner of this webpage, never received any message from you about it, and only to refresh your mind, I dont live nor in Spain nor in Europe, so we're not talking more about Spanish laws only, but also about International Internet laws IF accepted by Brazil, and brazilian laws about internet.
So i'm waiting you take your legal action for I take mine, but everything what is wrote here, will stay here untill I receive in my home a Judicial Order to do something.

About this topic, it will be locked, Erwan Grey and Carlos will only be alowed to post about it after send me an autenticate copy of the official papers of the court, with the end of the case IF it be realy in the court.
It's the last chance, if Erwan or Carlos revive this topic again for nothing, I will ban who did it forever.

And Carlos, Caps-lock is not wellcome here as it means that you're "screaming", sounds very hysterical.
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