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Nutrición y salud Como alimentar un Perro Lobo, informaciones sobre la alimentación, como vacunar y qué hacer si el perro es enfermo...

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Default Update test results WDH site

I can’t write in your language , so please can anyone translate?

About publishing test results on Wolfdog-Healthinfo.org site:

In the past we did publish on the WDH site also in Red (= not 100% sure): all the test results that owners did mention on the wolfdog forum (without an official copy of a result).

But it was huge work to read all the different language forums of wolfdog with a translator, to find out if any owner did publish a test result!
So we will stop with publishing results in this way.
All these “old” results in red (who are not 100% sure for us) are still on this site.

From now we will only publish a new test result when we did receive also:

*A copy (pdf, jpg) of the official test result


*The original mail with test result (for example with results of Prague, with the button File Forwarding.)

You can send test results to: [email protected]

When the name of your dog is still in red (= not 100% sure) at the list, just send us a copy of the official result. And we will change it in black as an official result.

When an owner does not yet want to mention the name of the dog, they can ask for this. And then we publish only **** and the test result.

From now we also publish where the test was made

Updates WDH Test Results

Last updates DM test results you can find HERE

New updates Dwarfism test results you can find HERE
Vriendelijke groeten,

PS: I am not a moderator anymore!!
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